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DVD players have gone down in price considerably. I know someone who got one for $20 at WalMart around Christmas. You can also play DVDs on most newer computers (2 or 3 years old). Some players can record, but they're very expensive right now - they'll eventually go down in price too, but since they're relatively new it'll be a while.

DVDs are really the way to go. Much better picture, sound, extras, etc than VHS (which can wear down after a while of playing them). VCRs are still around for recording purposes, but they'll become almost obsolete once DVD Recorders are cheaper.

As far as price for DVDs goes, it can vary dramatically. For a standard movie release of one disc I'd say they're maybe between $15 and $20? But that would vary depending on the number of discs and popularity of the title, I guess.

Hope I answered some of your questions, and the Green Acres DVD is a must!
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