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Me-Too Winter 2009

Effective Friday, January 2, 2009


7:00 Patty Duke (replaces Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot)
7:30 Paid Programming (replaces Green Screen Adventures)
8:00 Green Screen Adventures E/I (replaces Paid)
8:30 Paid Programming/Now.Chi (Fri)
9:00 Webster (replaces Saved by the Bell)
9:30 Paid Programming (replaces Facts of Life)
10:00 The Beverly Hillbillies (replaces Diff'rent Strokes)
10:30 The Beverly Hillbillies (replaces Webster)
11:00 I Love Lucy (replaces Green Acres)
11:30 I Love Lucy (replaces Petticoat Junction)
12:00pm Eight is Enough (replaces Gomer Pyle/My Favorite Martian)
1:00 Little House on the Prairie (replaces Mr. Ed/McHale's Navy)
2:00 Hawaii 5-0 (replaces Gunsmoke)
3:00 Magnum, P.I. (replaces Wild Wild West)
4:00 Cagney & Lacey (replaces Little House on the Prairie)
5:00 The Mary Tyler Moore Show
5:30 The Bob Newhart Show
6:00 In the Heat of the Night (replaces I Love Lucy/Dick Van Dyke)
7:00 Me-Too Movie Classics
9:00 All in the Family (replaces Alfred Hitchcock)
9:30 The Jeffersons (replaces Alfred Hitchcock)
10:00 The Twilight Zone
10:30 Night Gallery
11:00 Tales From The Darkside
11:30 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (replaces Cheers)
12:00am Peter Gunn (replaces Cheers)
12:30 Burns & Allen (replaces Carson's Comedy Classics)
1:00 Jack Benny
1:30 The Phil Silvers Show
2:00 McHale's Navy (replaces Beverly Hillbillies)
2:30 Mr. Ed (replaces Beverly Hillbillies)
3:00 Shepherd's Chapel/Route 66, Naked City (Friday)

5:00 The Invisible Man (replaces Naked City)
5:30 Daktari (replaces Naked City cont.)
6:30 Paid Programing
7:30 NOW.Chi
8:00 Saved by the Bell E/I (replaces Daktari)
8:30 Paid Programming (replaces Daktari cont.)
9:00 Green Hornet (replaces Batman)
9:30 Green Hornet (replaces Batman)
10:00 Batman (replaces Adventures of Superman)
10:30 Batman (replaces Adventures of Superman)
11:00 The Adventures of Superman (replaces Green Hornet)
11:30 The Adventures of Superman (replaces Green Hornet)
12:00pm Daktari (replaces My Three Sons/Courtship of Eddie's Father)
1:00 Marshall Dillon (replaces Father Knows Best)
1:30 Marshall Dillon (replaces Family Affair)
2:00 Rawhide (replaces Me-Too Movie Classics)
3:00 Gunsmoke (replaces Me-Too Movie Classics cont)
4:00 Bonanza (replaces Little House on the Prairie)
5:00 Wild Wild West (replaces Little House on the Prairie)
6:00 Have Gun, Will Travel (replaces I Love Lucy)
6:30 Have Gun, Will Travel (replaces Dick Van Dyke)
7:00 The Rifleman (replaces Perry Mason)
7:30 The Rifleman (replaces Perry Mason cont.)
8:00 Route 66
9:00 77 Sunset Strip
10:00 The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
11:00 Mission Impossible
12:00 Naked City
1:00 Route 66
2:00 The Beverly Hillbillies
2:30 My Three Sons (replaces Green Acres)
3:00 Father Knows Best (replaces Dennis the Menace)
3:30 Petticoat Junction (replaces My Three Sons)
4:00 The Flying Nun (replaces Outer Limits)
4:30 My Favorite Martian (replaces Outer Limits cont.)

5:00 Lost in Space
6:00 Paid Programming
6:30 NOW.Chi
7:00 Lost in Space (replaces Patty Duke Show/Paid)
8:00 Paid Programming (replaces Courtship of Eddie's Father)
8:30 The Courtship of Eddie's Father (replaces Little House)
9:00 Little House on the Prairie
10:00 Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries
11:00 Hart to Hart
12:00pm It Takes A Thief
1:00 Mystery Movie 1
2:30 Mystery Movie 2
4:00 Ellery Queen Mystery
5:00 Mrs. Columbo
6:00 Delvecchio (replaces Perry Mason)
7:00 Outer Limits
8:00 Thriller
9:00 Alfred Hitchcock Hour
10:00 The Twilight Zone
10:30 The Twilight Zone
11:00 The Fugitive
12:00am Naked City
1:00 Peter Gunn
1:30 Invisible Man (replaces Mr. Lucky)
2:00 One Step Beyond
2:30 One Step Beyond
3:00 Shepard's Chapel
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