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Me-TV Winter 2009

Effective Friday, January 2, 2009


6:00 Laverne & Shirley
6:30 Green Acres
7:00 Green Screen Adventures E/I
7:30 America's Funniest Home Videos
8:00 Roseanne
8:30 Roseanne
9:00 Perry Mason
10:00 Hart To Hart
11:00 Police Woman
12:00pm Charlie's Angels (replaces In the Heat of the Night)
1:00 Bonanza
2:00 Leave it to Beaver
2:30 Leave it to Beaver
3:00 Bewitched (replaces Cheers)
3:30 Bewitched (replaces Cheers)
4:00 The Cosby Show (replaces Benson)
4:30 The Cosby Show (replaces 3rd Rock from the Sun)
5:00 The Steve Harvey Show (replaces Married...with Children)
5:30 That 70's Show
6:00 Married with Children (replaces Steve Harvey)
6:30 The Andy Griffith Show (replaces Fresh Prince)
7:00 The Dick Van Dyke Show (replaces Batman)
7:30 The Dick Van Dyke Show (replaces Bewitched)
8:00 Perry Mason (replaces Happy Days 2x)
9:00 The Untouchables (replaces Cosby Show 2x)
10:00 Sanford & Son
10:30 The Andy Griffith Show (replaces Dick Van Dyke)
11:00 The Honeymooners
11:30 The Odd Couple (replaces The Untouchables)
12:00am Cheers (replaces The Untouchables cont.)
12:30 3rd Rock from the Sun (replaces Peter Gunn)
1:00 Paid Programming
1:30 The Rat Patrol (replaces The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet)
2:00 Route 66 (replaces Naked City)
3:00 Naked City (replaces Style by Jury/Rat Patrol)
4:00 Paid Programming

6:30 UneMe
7:00 Hercules: Legendary Journeys (Spanish)
8:00 Quantum Leap (Spanish)
9:00 Knight Rider (Spanish)
10:00 Miami Vice (Spanish)
11:00 Black Sheep Squadron (replaces Dragnet 2x)
12:00PM Battlestar Galactica (replaces Hawaii Five-O)
1:00 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (replaces Magnum, P.I.)
2:00 Knight Rider (replaces T.J. Hooker)
3:00 The Greatest American Hero (replaces Charlie's Angels)
4:00 The Incredible Hulk (replaces Starsky & Hutch)
5:00 Star Trek (replaces S.W.A.T.)
6:00 The Andy Griffith Show (replaces Star Trek)
6:30 The Andy Griffith Show (replaces Star Trek cont.)
7:00 The Mary Tyler Moore Show
7:30 The Mary Tyler Moore Show
8:00 The Bob Newhart Show
8:30 The Bob Newhart Show
9:00 All In the Family
9:30 All In the Family
10:00 The Dick Van Dyke Show
10:30 The Dick Van Dyke Show
11:00 The Honeymooners
11:30 The Honeymooners
12:00AM Get Smart
12:30 Get Smart
1:00 Svengoolie
3:00 Me-TV Movie

6:00 Xena: Warrior Princess (Spanish)
7:00 CPS Sports Edition E/I
7:30 UneMe
8:00 Hercules: Legendary Journeys (Spanish)
9:00 Xena: Warrior Princess (Spanish)
10:00 Incredible Hulk (Spanish)
11:00 The Brady Bunch
11:30 The Brady Bunch
12:00PM Family Ties (replaces Bewitched)
12:30 Family Ties (replaces I Dream of Jeannie)
1:00 Leave It To Beaver (replaces One Day at a Time)
1:30 Leave It To Beaver
2:00 I Love Lucy
2:30 I Love Lucy (replaces Cosby Show)
3:00 The Dick Van Dyke Show (replaces Who's the Boss?)
3:30 The Dick Van Dyke Show (replaces Mork & Mindy)
4:00 The Beverly Hillbillies (replaces Gilligan's Island)
4:30 The Beverly Hillbillies (replaces Family Ties)
5:00 Happy Days
5:30 Laverne & Shirley
6:00 Happy Days (replaces The Nanny)
6:30 The Andy Griffith Show (replaces Roseanne)
7:00 Paid Programming
9:00 Benson (replaces Good Times)
9:30 The Jeffersons
10:00 Sanford & Son
10:30 The Andy Griffith Show (replaces Barney Miller)
11:00 Cheers
11:30 Taxi
12:00AM Barney Miller (replaces Get Smart)
12:30 Get Smart
1:00 Paid Programming
1:30 Love American Style
2:00 Paid Programming
2:30 McHale's Navy
3:00 Missing [E/I]
3:30 Wild America [E/I]
4:00 Beautiful Homes
4:30 Urban Style
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