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Hey Happy Days fans, what a sad day for hearing what CBS has done to us yet again with there lack of dvd especially this one but it is what it is which again we will not see the rest of the series out its sad but its the honest truth, but any way i got off the phone with Star Vista Entertainment and i was voicing my opinion of how they are known for giving fans what they want because they have been around for a long time, and how they never failed there fans i told them about getting in the future Happy Days and the person that i spoke too had said if enough people get it they will do it because they are releasing the Wonder Years with everything intact if they would go to CBS paramount about the shows that they messed up on i couldn't see them telling them no but if anybody want to call them up yourself and tell them how you feel they will listen enough is enough with all of these studious 1-800-950-78-87'

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