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Originally Posted by DarkDante View Post
Did The CIA Murder Frank Olson?

In 1990 the rock group, Van Halen had a popular song/music video called "Right Now", in the video there is a little blurb that reads "Right now OUR government is doing things we think only other countries do" - I believe the greatest book that will NEVER BE PUBLISHED is the one containing confirmed detailed accounts of all the murder, lies and deception that the US government has played out for the past century.
Love the Van Haggar reference that you used as an attention grab. It got me to read your entire post and I agree with all of it. Not talking about partisan politics because I am not a fan of partisan politics, but Is it not ironic that we are currently investigating as to whether or not other countries interfered with our 2016 federal election, yet is one na´ve to think that we have not interfered with other countries political affairs?

Not trying to get off topic, but I think this relates to Mr. Olson. When considering discipline within an organization, especially one as vast as the "U.S. Government," The actions of one or two can sink the entire organization. Whether this was a murder coverup by rogue members, or an illegal experiment gone wrong, no one will ever know. But for these reasons today we have legal protection rights like "whistleblower" that I believe in. Leaders at the highest level of any professional org should embrace these practices and display the highest level of integrity and discipline.

For me the govt conspiracy theory craze goes hand in hand with the great satan panic.
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