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Originally Posted by Composite Sketch View Post
I think UM, in general, had a very conservative bent to it, especially in its early years, which is why they shied away from topics like same-sex relationships. I can't think of any case before Bryan Nisenfeld's (which of course was years after the NBC run) where Stack mentioned anything about homosexuality, aside from the Leo Khoury case with that awful scene of his henchman recruiting someone 'from the gay community' as a hitman.

I skimmed quickly through the pages of this thread, but I don't believe the John Hawkins / Dr Richard Boggs case was mentioned. UM completely side-stepped the homosexual angle on this one, but Forensic Files, which did an episode on this case years later, tackled it head-on. Not only did investigators discover that Dr Boggs had financial problems, but he was closeted and sex toys were found in his office drawers. Their victim, Ellis Henry Greene (who did not look anything like the re-enactment actor and whose actual picture was not used), was HIV positive and it's thought that Dr Boggs met him at a gay bar. John Hawkins also was known to use his charms on both men and women; one of his former lovers called AMW with his whereabouts.

Add in another (gay) person who clocked Matthew Chase from the get-go, sometimes you just know these things. But then again, I didn't see that segment until I was 25. Also, it was clear that Scott Johnston had a crush on "Jason" which (hopefully) dissipated after he realized that he was part of a murder. (And I also had to not confuse him with the little Arizona boy who died in the shack.)

I *did* see the Jean-Marie Gagnon segment as a kid and never forgot that B&W pic of him and Louis Bourgeois. I mean, really! Then Gagnon was discovered to be in a small Georgia town as a masseur.

I never caught that with Scott Johnston. I thought he seemed replsed by jason'smanner of dress (He had a quote similar to "Oh boy. This guy dresses like a cowboy." ) Maybe he did have acrush on him, though. I know he made the statement that Jason was a good looking huy and tehn caught himsel and said "The ladies would be attracted to him."

I really iwsh UM had gone into more detail about Dr. Boggs. the Fprensic Files episode was great. I hav ebeen unable to find the AMW segment on John Hawkins (I have only seen a commercial). Is it available anywhere? I haven't seen the thin on Oxygen about John Hawkins either (no cable or Dish).
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