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Originally Posted by Laugh30
The movie Head seems to me to be a recreation of someone's dream, where events are murky and just don't make clear sense. People in your life are there in your dream and they're doing random, puzzling things.
But for a movie made after the TV series, a must would be scenes showing them performing music live to disspell the belief that they couldn't play their instruments. Circle Sky in the movie was great. A lot more appearences on variety shows and talk shows performing live would of helped, too, during and after the series.

(That would be a good topic for another thread.
Just how many people have vivid dreams that follow a reasonable story line?
I know I dream very abstractly).
However, the last time I looked, "Head" in its entirety was available on YouTube.
I have yet to watch the complete movie. I have been a Monkee's fan but am not sure if it would apply to me about liking the Monkees and hating the movie.
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