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Madderest Caroline is very unfair to Richard

I am finally finishing the series (I stopped midway through season 4) and by the last episodes, I am almost disgusted with Caroline's treatment of Richard.

He longs for her for three whole years and despite his negative personality, he does so much to try to make her happy even when it makes him uncomfortable. On top of that, he puts up with a lot of Caroline's obsessiveness to make things perfect (their first date) or when she complains and bitches when he doesn't make plans EXACTLY the way she expects it (Halloween episode where he gets stuck in a vent) only to discover he had plans much better than what she had expected.

She ruins their trip to Boston to see his favorite paintings, always judges and questions his attitude despite his previous attempts to make her happy...then just because she sees an old classmate, she is willing to throw away all of his feelings?

She spends one whole season yearning for him, he spends half of season 1, most of 2, and most of 3, wanting her...she continually got into his Marriage..

And then, after one year of dating (most of which she was a pain in the butt), she throws him an ultimatum.

This is the primary reason I dislike Season 4 so very much...throughout the whole series, Caroline puts everyone else's feelings before hers but in Season 4 she suddenly only gives a damn about herself and is just all "Screw Richard!"

Am I the only one who feels this way >.<
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