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Default New Items to my trade list as of July 2, 2003

1067. Bewitched ”Speak the Truth”
Endora gives Darrin a statue that causes anyone near it to be honest. Endora: Agnes Moorehead. Darrin: Dick York. Samantha: Elizabeth Montgomery. Ed: Charles Lane. Frances: Elisabeth Fraser. Tate: David White.
+ State Police
State police are involved in a snowy shootout. Also: a look at how fingerprints are used in crime solving. Host: Alex Paen.
+ State Police
Police scientists prove that a murder was masked as a suicide. Host: Alex Paen.
Recorded on June 29, 2003
1068. Regis & Kelly Celebrity Guest: Blu Cantrell, Meet The Bachlors & Diane Sawyer
+ Pyramid Celebrity Guest: Debbi Morgan & Bill Brochtrup
+ Orlando Jones ”George Lopez”
Comedian George Lopez and drummer Francisco Aguabella are the guests.
Recorded on June 30, 2003
1069. For Love or Money
A newly clued-in Rob takes his remaining three ladies on fantasy dates to Telluride, Santa Barbara and the Napa Valley before deciding which of them is into him...and which ones are into the $1 million prize. Jordan Murphy hosts.
+ Meet My Folks ”The Dappers”
In Part 1 of two, five young women compete for a trip to Greece with college student Marco Dapper. Included: having to sing at a nightclub; a lie-detector test.
Recorded on June 30, 2003
1070. Anything for Love
Hidden cameras helps a batch of women spy on their beaus as a model puts the moves on them. Also: A man confesses his secret crush to the unsuspecting object of his affection. Mark Walberg and Claudia DiFolco host
+ Anything for Love
A wife takes lessons in seduction from a stripper in hopes of saving her troubled marriage; a man uses a faux photo shoot and a sexy shutterbug to test his girlfriend's loyalty. Mark Walberg and Claudia DiFolco host.
+ Paradise Hotel
Recorded on June 30, 2003
1071. Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
Lucy invites Milton Berle to her ranch so he can finish writing his book in peace. Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz. Watson: Larry Keating. Miss Aldworth: Elvia Allman. Ethel: Vivian Vance.
Recorded on June 29, 2003
+ Meet My Folks ”The Dappers”
Conclusion. The three remaining young women vie for a trip to Greece with college student Marco Dapper. Included: a lie-detector test.
Recorded on July 1, 2003
1072. Dog Eat Dog
Challenges include picking the bearded lady out of five hirsute guests; traversing a beam above a pool in six-inch high heels; and a bungee-cord ring grab. Brooke Burns hosts.
+ Last Comic Standing
Nine comedians remain to engage in a competition, an elimination vote and, for two, a head-to-head laugh challenge. Host: Jay Mohr.
Recorded on July 1, 2003
1073. American Juniors
The top 10 finalists face the beginning of the end as they each perform for the first slot in the five-member pop group. Ryan Seacrest hosts.
+ Keen Eddie ”Sucker Punch”
Eddie's latest case has the usual tongue-in-cheek fun, but also an occasional fist in the mouth as he tries to kayo an illegal fight-club operation.
Recorded on July 1, 2003
1074. America's Next Top Model ”The Girl Deals with a Pervert”
In Paris, the contestants face temptation, deal with cramped living space and make appointments with the city's industry gurus.
+ America's Next Top Model ”The Girls Who Get Really Naked”
Included: a nude photo shoot; the chance to wear very expensive dresses; and society dates in Paris.
Recorded on July 1, 2003

1075. Fame
Good thing the top 10 finalists have “come to work” as the theme song says, since they'll have their work cut out for them when some wildcard performers show up.
+ Law & Order ”Kid Pro Quo”
A private school's director of admissions is found murdered on a park bench and police find threats from parents on her cellphone. Wyatt Scofield: Roger Rees. Marvin Waters: Curtis McClarin. Harvey Anchin: Josh Mostel. Merrill Rush: Daniel Oreskes.
Recorded on July 2, 2003
1076. That '70s Show ”Thank You”
Thanksgiving brings Kitty's parents, Eric's sister Laurie and Kelso with a date---Eric's math teacher, who has just failed Eric. Bea: Betty White. Burt: Tom Poston. Laurie: Lisa Robin Kelly. Ms. McGee: Andrea Benewald. Kelso: Ashton Kutcher. Red: Kurtwood Smith. Kitty: Debra Jo Rupp.
+ American Juniors
The results of last night's viewer voting lead to the announcement of the pop group's first member. Ryan Seacrest hosts.
+ Paradise Hotel
Recorded on July 2, 2003
1077. Boarding House: North Shore
The ladies party in Waikiki, where Holly and Veronica's relationship is further strained when Holly is held accountable for hotel damages done by Veronica and her friends. Later, the pressure mounts for Holly as she surfs against Chelsea and defending women's world champion Layne Beachley. Also: The Rip Curl Cup begins; and Sunny takes his frustrations out on an unsuspecting local.
+ Jamie Kennedy Experiment
Kennedy portrays an elderly billionaire who is meeting his fiancee's parents for the first time; and he also plays a personal trainer who's extremely demanding of his clients.
+ Jamie Kennedy Experiment
Jamie plays a plastic surgeon who pretends to botch a patient's breast implants and has to deal with the woman's annoyed husband. Jamie also portrays a nightclub bouncer who nearly strip-searches a patron.
Recorded on July 2, 2003
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