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Lol Another Really Funny Episode

I've been watching Green Acres again for the past year starting from the beginning. I'm now up to 2.28 "Vulgar Ring Story". Every once in a while you run across an episode in this series that is truly funny. This was another one of those.

In it Lisa tells a story of her grandmother, the gypsy meeting an American (Oliver). This show had several running gags that were just plain hilarious. As she'd tell the story (in flashback) one running gag was her gypsy family and Lisa (as grandmother) are constantly stealing little odd basic things from Oliver (the American in the story). He's supposed to be a painter, Lisa sits on a rock and poses, her whole family gathers around him. First his paints are stolen, he complains, they return them, then his easel is stolen, he complains, it's returned, then his stool is stolen, complains, returned, turns to the rock to see Lisa and now she's stolen! In the end back in the present Oliver is now stealing things from Lisa and suddenly Olivers pants are missing, she just stole them without Oliver knowing. One funny bit after another.

The other funny running gag is as Lisa tells her story more members of Hooterville keep popping into the room as the flashback leaves and returns to Lisa in the present telling the story. First Ebb shows up in the break from Lisa's story back to the present, she returns to story, back to present now Mr. Kimble shows up, back to story, return to present Mr. Drucker is now part of the audience listening, back to story, return, now a whole big crowd is sitting around Lisa listening to her story. It was crazy and funny as heck.

This show really had good comedy writers who knew comedy, how to write it and the timing was perfect. Excellent.
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