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Default Local Cases UM Could Have Covered

I recently came across a podcast that is a locally based mystery show and the first episode dealt with a very well known murder case that I imagine that nobody on this board outside of Canada heard about.

It is known as the 1992 McDonalds Murders and it occurred in Sydney River, Nova Scotia (Canada). For those who didn't know, three McDonald's employees were senselessly and brutally murdered and a fourth was left permanently disabled. I obviously knew of this from my childhood but had no idea how many details were not on the evening news. I won't spoil anything here but I will say the details of how one employee in particular was killed sent chills down my spine and the fact that one of the three killers is now free and living a 'very good' life makes me angry beyond words.

Since this happened in 1992 and the killers were not caught right away, this would have been a very good segment to air back in the day, especially given the similarities to the Las Cruses Bowling Alley case.

On a happier note, there was also another case that sounded eerily similar to the Christine Skubish segment where a 3 year old child was found in alive in a secluded area and his mother was killed instantly after driving off a icy cliff. This happened in Lower Cove, Nova Scotia on Christmas Day 2001. Would have been a good segment for the final season.

Does anybody else have any local cases that would have been a better fit from UM than the Magic Rock or Men in Black segments?
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