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Originally Posted by cdr369
Frustrating updates on Amazon? It seems to me the last few seasons, a large majority of them are still unsolved, and those that were arrested/convicted for the crime have already been released.

Maybe I didn't pay as close attention to the earlier season updates, but reading the updates (or lack thereof) have been somewhat frustrating to me.
Iím not implying anything that Amazon has done or even the UM staff has done is wrong in any way. What Iím referring to is that many of the cases that were solved over the years, we are getting updates with more recent info. Many of these are cases where the guilty party (murderer, rapist, etc) were basically given life sentences, but have since been released. Itís just irritating for someone that should remain locked up (or even executed so far as Iím concerned in many cases) has been released after serving a few years.
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