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This is an interesting topic. Almost everyone that I've ever asked about the show says they've never heard of it. When I mention it's from the '60s I can almost hear their interest level dropping like a stone. I guess it's the sad truth that as time goes on, most things will be vastly forgotten. That's part of the reason I enjoy visiting this site, so I can talk with other enlightened people who know what gems lie in the past.

It seems most pre-90's media is leaning toward the obscure side these days (relatively speaking) and its fans are becoming less numerous. But it sort of raises the question: Do you want shows like Green Acres to go mainstream again? Maybe part of what's appealing about these shows (especially to people like me who grew up 30 years after the fact) is that they aren't of this time, and aren't being talked about in every place possible, with mountains of fanbases ensuring the show is at the top of the country's collective consciousness. Maybe the show's position outside of popular culture allows its smaller fanbase to develop a deeper, more personal connection to the work. Or maybe that's just me.
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