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Originally Posted by Huskerz85
Does anyone know what happened to the "150th Solve" tribute?? It should've been in Season 5 someplace and had a neat QA w/RS.
Yeah its a bummer they chopped up all the specials

-The Halloween Special
-The 3rd Anniversary Special
-The 150th Solve Special
-The Christmas Special
-The 90 minute Thanksgiving Special
-Diabolical Minds/Case Studies Special
-The Virginia Madsen Specials will probably be chopped up also(either Madsen did not want to sign a new contract or there wasn't room in the budget to pay her royalties)

Correct me if I'm missing any more

While I completely understand the legal/privacy/statue of limitations/budget constraints reasons for having to chop them up. It just leaves a hole in it all for us UM Fanatics.
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