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Originally Posted by Schmoopie
I heard right after "The Breakfast Club" came out that John Hughes had considered the idea of having a sequel to answer the question of what happened on Monday when they went back to school. The fact that this sequel never happened is very good news for fan ficiton writers. I've read some good scenerarios!
Eh, it probably would've made a better SNL skit. My take on it would be that the five members of The Breakfast Club find their adult lives are total disasters, and by the end Vice Principal Vernon reveals that he rigged everything this way for them, and they all kick the living **** out of him.

But one other sequel that I know for a fact about, and have the script to is "Flamingos Forever," which was an intended sequel to John Water's cult classic "Pink Flamingos." The thing was never made partially because Divine didn't like the script and Edith Massey died.
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