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Originally Posted by Thiussat
At any rate, who does Paul believe is responsible? If you don't want to give names, that's understandable. Give us a hint, though.

Also, how does Paul rectify the fact that his gun was used in the booby trap? This tells me that either Paul had something to do with it or someone very close to him did. There's no other explanation really. Someone had to know where he kept that gun which means they had to have intimate knowledge of his house, etc. I am thinking a close blood relative of Ron might be involved (without naming names, I think you know who that could be).
I have a feeling I know who you're talking about. To be honest, I have never asked him who I thought it was. I am only 24, so everything happened long before I was born, and I have never even met his ex-wife (Rons sister). I just recently relocated back to Ohio after living in Texas on and off for 12 years (my dad has been here, so I have made regular visits, but haven't really been "in the know"). Now that I am here, I plan on finding out as much as I can about the real happenings.

As far as the gun goes, Paul is a VERY trusting person who likes to surround himself with friends and family (often insisting that we have our big family gatherings over at his small house), so it is no surprise that someone else had access to the gun. He is also a very protective person, and it wouldn't surprise me if he took the blame for a loved one.

Originally Posted by Thiussat
This is good news. Would you provide us with the name of the show and when it will air? I certainly do not want to miss this. Also, will they be covering the letters? As Paul said in the UM segment, the key to this is the letters. I have always been curious about their contents, style of writing, etc.
I will let you know as soon as I find out. I was not here during the interviews that were conducted, but will ask my aunt for more information (my dad wasn't very helpful as far as details go). Sorry, I wish I had more info, but will share what I find out. And yes, they will be looking into the letters some more.

Originally Posted by MariposaLKB
Hi NFresh! I have lived in the Circleville area for over 20 years now and love Pickaway County, the Logan Elm story, the Pumpkin Show, etc, very much! Wonder if we have ever passed each other in Walmart or someplace LOL....

Haven't seen this case for years, though I have tried to wade through the threads about it on here and ask my little questions now and then. Would love to see more coverage and am glad it is reopening. Will have to pay closer attention to the Dispatch and the Herald for info!

Hi Lorelei! I am in Columbus, but am a big fan of the Pumpkin Show, and have gone while visiting and as a child.... so I'm sure we've probably been there at the same time at some point! I plan on asking a lot of questions, so I will share with you whatever I can.
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