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Originally Posted by NFresh
Hmmm.... it's interesting to see everyones posts about this. Paul Freshour is my uncle and my earliest memories of him were picking up White Castles on the weekend and visiting him in prison. As a small child I had no idea why such a nice man could end up there, and still can't believe how out of all people, someone would want to frame him. I've had several discussions with my dad (Pauls brother) and other family members, and completely believe someone was trying to set him up. (Paul a very gentle man that would offer you the shirt off your back)
First of all, thanks for posting. I have been hoping someone in the know about this case would post.

At any rate, who does Paul believe is responsible? If you don't want to give names, that's understandable. Give us a hint, though.

Also, how does Paul rectify the fact that his gun was used in the booby trap? This tells me that either Paul had something to do with it or someone very close to him did. There's no other explanation really. Someone had to know where he kept that gun which means they had to have intimate knowledge of his house, etc. I am thinking a close blood relative of Ron might be involved (without naming names, I think you know who that could be).

For those of you who would like to see the case re-opened, it has been. Infact, to my knowledge, it will be featured on a cold case program some time in the near future. The investigators for the show have been looking into pieces of the investigation that would completely clear my uncles name (including the man in the el camino). I know they've continued to do interviews and look at evidence. I'm not sure when everything will be wrapped up, but I'm waiting for the day when his name will be completely cleared.
This is good news. Would you provide us with the name of the show and when it will air? I certainly do not want to miss this. Also, will they be covering the letters? As Paul said in the UM segment, the key to this is the letters. I have always been curious about their contents, style of writing, etc.
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