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Originally Posted by mwcarolina
i wonder if the person they suspected did this???
No one knows. I personally don't put much credence into the whole "the letters stopped after we mailed the letter to him" scenario. It might have been a coincidence that the letters stopped during that time or it might have been that the letter writer was actually one of the people who sent the warning letter (I find this more likely -- the letter writer was one of the four family members who fingered some other guy to take suspicion off themselves).

Someone a few posts back brought up a good point. In the letters they said "I will transmit it by CB radio" A key to the writer's identity might be discovering someone who had access to a CB radio. Perhaps one of them had a CB in their car (not uncommon in those days). Perhaps a truck driver. Or, dare I say it, one of the people in the Sheriff's department!
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