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From the UM segment, I came to theconclusion it wasn't Paul. There's just too much he would have had to do, secretly, for it to be him.

His wife tell Mary it was him? Well weren't they broken up or breaking up at the time? She was probably just being a bitch about it.

How come this suspect who's brother had the car that was seen was not talked about more? Clearly it was someone with access to such a car who did it, it's not rocket science. That right there clears Paul of at least ebing the 'only' one involved in this whole thing, since the appearance didn't match him, and the car was not his.... Even though his gun was used, it looks pretty obvious he didn't put it there.

i suspect that the sheriff was in on it. His work was so ridiculously dodgy, and his change in heart over Ron's death was insane. Didn't his kids say he hadn't been drinking, and didn't seem drunk at all when he left? Yet supposedly he has somehigh blood alc level... But wait that doesn't come out until the change of heart from the Sheriff... How shifty is that whole thing? What about the fact he declined to be interviewed in any form, or how the letter to UM mentions 'do not harm Sheriff Ratcliffe'.

I don't know what his motive was, maybe he had the hots for Mary and was jealous, or she burned him once and this was his revenge.

And yes, there is no way in hell this affair started after the letters... Does she honestly think anyone would believe that?
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