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Originally Posted by retrochick9
I really liked the character of Charles, and like someone said earlier, he could interact on some level with Hawkeye and BJ. Although Charles could be arrogant and self-centered, there were times when he showed that he could be caring of others and fit in with the others even though he wouldn't admit it. Like the time Col. Flagg wanted him to spy on Hawkeye and he refused because he knew it was wrong. Or the time he was playing practical jokes on Margaret and Hawkeye and BJ making them think they were playing them on eachother. In the end when Margaret said she wrote a letter to BJ's wife telling her they were having an affair, Charles was genuinely concerned and admitted he was behind the practical jokes and in reality they were playing a joke on him. So even though he was aloof most of the time, he really did find himself fitting in with others.
Larry Linville could have interacted just as well as Stiers did if the writers had permitted Linville to. You are confusing actor ability with the way the writers wrote the characters.

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