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Originally Posted by RareTVonDVD
Christina has been trading for a long time and she's thoroughly honest. Somtimes she gets behind, and it can take a while for her to come through with her end of the trade. But CP32 has always come through as far as I know.

Listen, I've been waiting 7 months now for discs in a trade from someone else and I still don't consider him a bad trader. This guy is reliable but, like CP32, it can take him a while to come through. Sometimes quite a while. Stay frosty. You *will* receive your discs from Christina, though it may take a while.
a person who has been a good trader for most of their existence on the board is still not imune from having bad trades.if i build up a reputation as a good trader who says to the other party "i will have your tapes all finished in 3 weeks " and i then fail to communicate properly and take 3 months i then have had a BAD TRADE that is only fair.this is as long as i don't have a fair excuse (death in the family etc) but even then emails take only seconds to type!!
if christina isn't being honest and saying "i am sorry for the delay but with .... taking up my time i am just not able to get your tapes away any time soon" then she is putting herself in a position of having her first bad trade.
when i dealt with nannyfine she told me that she was a very slow trader so i said "i am still happy to wait 6 months for the tapes!" they took 4 months so i didn't think much of it when i recieved them.
at the moment i am taking on 1 trade at a time and giving people an expected time frame so i don't follow the same path, my most recent trade was only 2 weeks overdue,although the tapes i sent to jen took probably too long.if she felt that was a problem and made a statement of it i certainly should accept the blame

its only fair!!
thankyou for your time

jason cole
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