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Question Disappearing characters, disappearing John Goodman, and David and Mark...

1) Roseanne handled ongoing plots so beautifully, it really bugs me that sometimes they just let characters disappear without any seeming explanation. What happened to Roseanne's friend Bonnie from seasons 3 and 4? And what of Anne-Marie, who disappeared after season 5? What of Ty, Molly, and Charlotte Tilden from season 5? And most glaringly, where did Crystal go? She was seen once in season 6, but for someone who lives next door to the Conners and was seen in the opening credits for several seasons, it's so bizarre that she vanished.

Granted, I'm asking this having not yet seen the latter half of season 7, up until the final episode. Do any of them come back, or have their absence explained?

2) Why was John Goodman absent for much of the 9th season?

3) Do David or Mark ever become part of the main cast, or do they remain guest stars for the remainder of the series?

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