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Originally Posted by Love A Good Mystery View Post
The same spokesperson for the Oklahoma State Police shows up in a few segments.
Paul Renfrow was on UM four separate times. I decided to make him my avatar.

There is also some police officer nterviewed in the Natasha Jennings segment who is also iinterviewed in (I think) the Tim McClure segment.
What was crazy about that one is that he was on the show a full decade after his first appearance. I mean, the entire feel of the series had changed by the time he was interviewed for the Jennings segment. I always thought that was cool.

Also for what it's worth, bip, I don't see anything anywhere stating that your photo is staged myself and I do think the dude on the right strongly favors the interviewee.

ETA: Ah, now I see it. I see no reason why actors would be used for such a photo, though. And to use an alternate meaning, the group could be 'staged' to move to another location.
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