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I cannot figure out why Dancing With The Stars even exists and is such a huge hit for TV. Is it because they want to jumpstart celebrity careers or is it to help celebrities become popular again? Because ever since it made it's debut in 2001 I can't believe how Dancing With The Stars has lasted for so long because to me celebrities should have a better talent like competing on a game show with other celebrities rather than dancing. Mom and I saw an episode of Dancing With The Stars once and we found the show very unappealing and I just can't figure out why people like to watch two hours of celebrity dancing. Second why does Dancing With The Stars always likes to put very popular celebrities such as Alfonso Ribeiro Jane Seymour Nick Lachey Apolo Anton Ohno rather than stars from sitcoms? I wouldn't mind if they had Bob Newhart Dennis Quaid Brooke Burns Betty White Vanessa Williams Dan Marino or Terry Bradshaw appear in future episodes but why I think ABC chooses stars from their own sitcoms and reality shows is a marketing thing to appear on Dancing With The Stars. The other thing I cannot figure out is why Dancing With The Stars always has a great dance but the songs don't match the type of dance. Like they will have the celebrities dance the foxtrot to Brenton Woods's hit Gimme Little Sign or the celebrities dance the cha-cha to Chris Montez's song Call Me and what Dancing With The Stars should do is have tango music for tangos and waltz music for waltzing but you don't see any country music playing or country line dancing when the celebrities dance a country themed week. Why I think Dancing With The Stars became a popular show was to bring celebrity oriented shows back into popularity like it used to be in the 80's when celebrity game shows and celebrity circus shows were all the rage. But I think Dancing With The Stars will soon get cancelled due to low ratings in the the near future but will remain a pop culture memory for years to come
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