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It could have been the end of season six. I didn't work on all twenty six episodes that year. I never did work with Robin Willaims. I worked on about twenty episodes. From July through December. It goes like this..
Around Christmas time 1978, Bob Brunner the head producer at the time, adapted the movie, The Bad News Bears for television. He left Happy Days at that time and took Brian Levant and Ron Leavit to work with him. They were on a low budget and they couldn't hire any more writers. A new producer came in to Happy Days named Gary Menteer. They then brought in new writers Ketchem & DiMarco. They also did away with the apprentice writers for 1979. Which meant me. So by Christmas 1978 my time at Happy Days was over. I did get the Potise Quit School credit which got me in the union and I worked on other television shows later in my life. We're talking twenty four years ago so yeah, Life went on.

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