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I have to point out one thing I noticed in the episode at about 26:50.

It isn't damning evidence, but in my opinion it's a strong point against Steve. Now, it's already been said that they did not interview Steve. However, they showed two old interview segments of Steve and in one of them, he is asked flat out:

Reporter: "Did you have ANYTHING to do with your wife's disappearance."

Steve's reaction to this question caught me off guard because I totally believed in his innocence. He was staring right into the report's eyes as she asked the question, but as he answered...he looked away. He could not look her in the eyes when he answered that question.

Steve: "No. No I didn't."

Now, I did notice that during the other segments showing old interviews that his head bobbed a lot and his eyes flickered away quite a bit but mostly just due to his head movements or when he was trying to get his thoughts out, something he seems to prefer doing on paper.

Something about him looking away right at the moment he answered that vital question gave me a chill and made my heart drop...This was actually the culmination point of me seeing Steve in a new light. That reaction coupled with the information from Amy's family about Steve's apparent possessive tendencies and his abrupt withdrawal from talking with either the authorities or Amy's family....well I now have my doubts.

To tell you the truth my initial reaction when I Steve look away after hearing all the info against him was a slight gasp and a shocked whisper out loud to myself "Omg...omg he did it. Steve did it. He killed her."

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