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I think she was probably abducted. If it was a hit-and-run, I think she was taken far from the area, then, to hide the evidence. But I really have to wonder if Eaton had a hand in this. If he was allegedly in the area and knew the area, a predator like him probably would have acted seeing a young, attractive woman all by herself in a rural area. I really doubt Lisa Marie was his first and only victim. Perhaps after killing Lisa he decided to hide the body of his other victims to throw off the trail and get rid of any evidence (with DNA becoming more prominent than in the 80s). And of course, another person could have done this.

I don't buy that she got lost or attacked by a mountain lion. She knew the area, they had her list of where she was mapping the 10k route and landmarks she had gone to and was planning for, etc. The search and rescue knew the extensive area like a book. I think at least one shred of evidence would have been found had she been attacked by a mountain lion or creature, like a piece of her clothing.

I was very surprised that Steve and the neighbors were only mentioned but not interviewed. Maybe they declined, maybe they were busy, wanted to move on, who knows. (Not an indicator of guilt at all, in my opinion, just mentioning). We did see clips of interviews with them. I am in the camp that Steve didn't do it. I think he really was out mountain climbing that day.

I tend to agree with the bruises from sexual activity argument. If Amy really smiled and said "Steve gets a little rough sometimes" then I doubt she would have smiled and been so nonchalant if it was abuse. The Disappeared segment mentions that Steve stands behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders right after that, which is kind of portrayed threateningly, but it could have been nurturingly for all we know. The notebook entries sound weird, but hey, as a writer myself, I wouldn't want anyone to psychoanalyze my work. Some of the subjects happen to be dark. I really would love to read the works and see why Amy's mother was so disturbed (she mentioned it portrayed his feelings about women including Amy), because I can't really form a solid opinion on this piece of "evidence" with just general knowledge of what was in those writings.

One thing that did bother me was how Amy was supposed to be a dominant personality and was totally "compliant" in her relationship with Steve. Was it just her trying to please him or was he really possessive? One red flag was her looking at him to see what she should order in a restaurant. My second cousin's stepfather was abusive and would control her to the extent of what she could order in a restaurant (I know that's child v. adult, but I still think it's a bit disturbing. Particularly between two adults). However, at the moment, I think Steve is probably not guilty. I'd have to see more evidence to change my mind. All of the above might just be taken out of context.
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