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Originally Posted by 1990 UM fan
What is the likeliness that a mountain lion killed her? I mean, it's not impossible but I don't hear about them killing humans too often.
It's not a common occurrence at all, but if someone were going to have a surprise encounter with a large predator, Bechtel was in a likely area for it, doing an activity (running) that could trigger an instinct to attack. Typically, most mountain lions and bears would go off before you ever were aware of their presence, but there are exceptions.

With an animal attack, there would have been an increased likelihood that her remains or an attack site would have been located, but both mountain lions and bears move remains and hide them under brush.

On the segment, Amy's family did mention that Steve appeared possessive and controlling of Amy, and that he distanced himself from both her family and investigators, but the current investigation seems to be more focused on Bechtel being abducted or accidentally struck by a vehicle. That they haven't found her remains, despite repeated searches, doesn't mean much, in an area that extensive.
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