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Originally Posted by wonderwall
IMO, the tone of the show concerning the tidbit I posted earlier about how Steve behaved at the race was slanted more towards it being a clue that he might have done it. According to the family (Amy's mother and brother were mainly interviewed for the show [side note, Amy and her sister were her brother's "best men" in his wedding. I thought that was pretty precious!]), at this memorial run that was the same track as Amy was mapping out for the 10k she was planning when she disappeared, before the race, Steve gave a very heartwarming and intense speech about how people couldn't give up looking for her, etc. However, afterwards, when the family saw him, he completely blew them off. I think the Bechtels may have perceived it as guilt, but I thought it may be more anger. I am iffy about whether Steve did it, I think the Eaton angle holds more weight.
On the topic of Steve, the show did get into more information about his interrogation, and it had a quick read through of one of his journal entries (or at least summarized one of them). The same "Dave" sheriff (although he may not be a sheriff anymore) was interviewed, but I forgot what he said. The way they presented Steve, it made him come off as possibly guilty since he seemed very uncooperative with being investigated. Plus, the show wasn't that balanced in that section since Steve himself wasn't interviewed and neither were the neighbors who supported him.

One interesting thing I forgot to mention was that the person who claimed to see Steve's 4 x 4 on the road the day Amy disappeared could not make a positive ID towards Steve or Amy being inside. I'm not sure that was mentioned on lifetime, but it seemed like Disappeared portrayed it as a not very credible siting.
With reference to the last paragraph I haven't watched the new programme but on the Unsolved Mysteries programme from what I took from it the woman camper positively identified Steve's truck the day after the murders as the one she saw around 4:30pm on the day of Amy's disappearance,with a blonde woman in the passenger seat and a male figure driving fast.
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