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Originally Posted by Steve_uk
That's a good post wonderwall. The programme you mention is not yet available on the other site to my knowledge. However there are other videos of Steve on there and if you look at his body language he appears shifty and looks to my mind as if he is concealing something whatever the subject he is discussing.

If you check #9 you will see a post there from shek,Lisa Kimmell's mother,who does discuss the possibility of Dale Eaton in Amy's murder,and it would be foolish to rule this man out in her disappearance.
Thanks for the info! I find the Eaton angle very compelling. Like somebody said upthread, it would explain why Amy's body was not found in Lander. I wonder where he took her and where she could possibly be, such as around where he lived at the time. Have any searches taken place in that area for possible victims of his?
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