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Originally Posted by studd911
Hey I have a question an would somebody please help me answer it when it comes to a complete series of whatever tv show whether or not its classic modern that its rectify what does that mean like for example I was reading about the complete series of Laverne an Shirley complete series where it said that cbs was seeking on rectifyiing the set does that mean including all of the original music an the cut scenes somebody explain that to me I would apperciate that dearly
I am thinking that such is what is meant by that word when it comes to things like that. It also doesn't only apply to complete series: the first-season (1985-86) release of MacGyver had the episode "Thief of Budapest" cut by 2 min. 32 sec. on the original version. There was a big outcry on that, IIRC, and the first release was redone with an uncut version of that episode. The redone first release says "Original Broadcast Episodes" on the back.

Attached is a picture of what to look for if you want the show as it originally was aired then on ABC.
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