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"The Deciding Vote":

Ralph: "You are the type who would bend over and pick up a pocketbook on April Fool's Day. I wouldn't."

Alice: "You couldn't."

"A Man's Pride":

Ralph: "I'm going to learn from here on in how to swallow my pride."

Ed: "That shouldn't be too hard. You learned how to swallow everything else."

"A Weighty Problem Part 1":

(Ralph is about to give the Raccoon Treasury report.)

Ralph: "I can't find the report."

Ed: "Maybe you ate it."

"A Weighty Problem Part 1":

Ralph: "For my height, I am five pounds underweight. It says so in the chart."

Alice: "You must have been reading a chart for a hippo."

"Ralph's Diet":

Ralph: "I don't need the diet anymore. I lost a pound."

Alice: "Ralph, when you lose a pound, it's like Bayoone losing a mosquito."

"Life Upon The Wicked Stage":

Ralph: "You are so funny Alice that I am going to put you in my act. I am going to name it 'Punch & Judy' and you are going to be Judy."

Alice: "And you are going to be Punchy."

Ed: "Punchy. Ha ha ha."

Ralph (to Ed, yells): "SHUT UP!"

"The Main Event":

(Dynamite Moran is punching in the air.)

Ed: "Boy, look at him Ralph. He (Dynamite) is like a panther. He reminds me of the greatest street fighter I ever saw."

Ralph: "Who is that?"

Ed: "Trixie's mother."

"The Main Event":

(Ralph mentions to Alice his plan about becoming Dynamite Moran's manager. Dynamite is a boxer.)

Ralph: "This is a fullproof plan."

Alice: "Yeah and you are just the fool that can prove it."

"Ralph Kramden, Hero At Large" (aka "Trapped"):

(Ralph & Ed are at the poolroom.)

Ralph: "I have just sunk in eighteen balls to tie the house record. I am now going to break the house record and I don't want to hear a sound from you."

Ed (accidently causing Ralph to miss his shot): "You won't even know that I am here."
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