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Grand Hotel boss speaks about cliffhanger ending, expresses hope the canceled ABC drama can find a new home

“If you’re a fan, you know we like to end things on a big cliffhanger,” executive producer Brian Tanen says of ending the canceled ABC drama on a cliffhanger. “I know it was frustrating for fans to be left without an answer, but it felt like the right thing to do. It was a great representation of what the show did well.” As for finding a new home, he says: “I’m being a little bit coy about answers for a potential Season 2 because, somewhere deep in my heart, I’m hopeful that there’s life for the show — if not on ABC then possibly on another platform. We’ve had meetings, and if anyone is out there reading this and wants a fun, soapy gem, I think everyone would like to come back and make another season of the show.”
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