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Originally Posted by Guardian View Post
Well, f#$% there goes any real interest I have in the new series. I can't stand how the newer shows are done either in all text or with some artsy camera angles introducing a survivor or family member telling the story. I'm sure I'll still watch it, but they are shooting themselves in the foot for trying to make it so contemporary.

Why do they think they are getting the numbers that they are on streaming services? BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE THE ORIGINAL FORMAT. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. Minor adjustments for a new era are to be expected, but Unsolved Mysteries without a host? Check please.
I agree and I was hoping for more of the original format -- creepy and with a host.

I have the feeling now that the new episodes will be similar to the new UM episodes they did for a while on YouTube (for example, Maura Murray). In those they have the surviving relatives/friends narrate the case as scenes are played. They aren't bad but they definitely don't have the same look and feel of classic UM. It's more of that story format which isn't bad but it is very different than what we all grew up with.
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