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Sylvia's first Top 10 was "Tumbleweed", which is the first one I remember hearing on the radio one winter morning in 1980 as my grandma was driving me to school. There was just something about Sylvia's voice and singing style that was meant for my ears on the first listen and all these years later her voice is better than ever!

In a recent interview on The Joey Canyon Show, Sylvia said, something along the lines that if "Tumbleweed" hadn't become a hit, it would have been "three strikes you're out", since her first two singles just barely got into the Top 40. "You Don't Miss a Thing" reaching #36 and "It Don't Hurt to Dream" only one notch higher at #35. So the success of "Tumbleweed" allowed her to record her first album "Drifter", which became her first #1 single, and the rest as they say, is history.

Edward, to answer your question regarding why she didn't use her last name. In a recent interview in Diane Diekman's Country Newsletter Sylvia talked about that very subject. Here's from the interview...

When she signed a record deal with RCA Records, she was asked what name she planned to use. Her married name of Sylvia Allen was too similar to labelmate Deborah Allen, so she suggested her maiden name, Sylvia Kirby. No, that sounds like a vacuum cleaner, she was told. They’re going to make up a name for me, she realized. She couldn’t abide that, and she asked, “How about just Sylvia?” They said okay.
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