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On June 16th 2009 a man checked into a hotel in Sligo, Ireland. Five days later his body was found on a nearby beach, Rosses Point. He checked into the hotel as Peter Bergmann. During the time he had been staying at the hotel he left his hotel 13 times carrying a bag that was full of something but returned each time no longer carrying anything. He also bought 10 international stamps and these were not found with his belongings. After his death it turned out that the address he gave was false and he did not provide any ID. He had terminal prostrate cancer. He died of a heart attack not drowning. He is buried in an unmarked grave and no one has ever looked for him. Did he send the 10 letters and if so, where and to who? Why did he go to such efforts to obscure his identity and why did no-one look for him?

Cheryl Priscilla Morrien was a seven-year-old girl who lived in Schiplaan, IJmuiden, Netherlands. On Tuesday, August 5, 1986, at approximately 11-11.30am Cheryl walked from her house to her friend’s house across the street. She previously wanted to go to a fair but her parents refused. She then called a friend but she wasn’t in. So she decided to visit another friend, Ilse, who lived just across the street from her.

She knocked on the door but nobody answered and she was seen playing with the letterbox at the door.

At 3-3.30pm of the same day, a neighbor M. de Cort saw Cheryl driving past, in a car in the back seat. She was waving at her. It was a green station wagon Lada and there were two men sitting in the front seats. Madam Cort drove behind the Lada for a while, while Cheryl kept waving at her cheerfully. At a roundabout, she made a right turn and she lost sight of them.

A sketch was made of the two men but without any luck. It’s not sure though whether they were wearing a fake mustache or a wig. Also, their car was very distinctive (it could be seen in the reconstruction below) so they wouldn’t have driven very far, especially after seen the neighbor following them.

Search dogs were brought in the evening. Was Cheryl kept busy all those hours from 11am-3pm by her kidnappers in the neighborhood? Could she have been kept by somebody known to her until those two men came to pick her up? The track dogs followed her scent behind her friend’s house to a park. But the park could not have been accessed by car.

Serial killer Stockx

Serial killer Michel Stockx was on trial at the time of Cheryl’s kidnapping, so he was free. When he was interrogated by police on his whereabouts of that day, he had given an alibi that was later proved false. He denied having anything to do with the Morrien case. He admitted to three other children murders. A criminal profiler though, admitted that Stockx had previously abducted a girl from the same street that Cheryl lived.


In the link below you could see the reconstruction of Cheryl’s whereabouts of that day.

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