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Originally Posted by crystaldawn View Post
My latest article on the 1 year anniversary of my blog is about Pamela June Ray. I have worked closely with her sister for this so a lot of information that UM didn't include. Hope you enjoy reading it!
A couple of questions for you:

1.) Has anything ever been said about her husband? I don't think he is involved in any way, but I don't think I've ever heard anything about him. Her dad certainly was involved in looking for her, so what's her husband's story?

2.) It bothers me that she would leave when she did knowing that there weren't rooms available. I agree with you that if she got a room, she would still be alive. Other than wanting her kids to sleep, is there any other reason she would have left to arrive in the middle of the night? Doesn't seem like the kind of place you want to be in your car at that time.

3.) This is more of a comment, but why the hell would people who heard someone scream "Help me!" not call the police or go take a look. That is so frustrating. They may not have been able to help either, but waiting a few hours didn't help.

I agree that this was a crime of opportunity. My guess is that she was probably not tired enough to sleep at that point so she was going to hang by the pool while her kids slept. I'm feel strongly that she was assaulted and murdered, but I wonder how she was removed from the scene. That couldn't have been easy, and if it was a weirdo hanging around the motel, how/where did he take her?
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