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Default DVD Request for SHOUT! Factory: "Fernwood 2-Night: The Complete Series"

Dear Brian,

I have a proposal for SHOUT! Factory: to make a deal with Sony Pictures Domestic Television Distribution for SHOUT! Factory to issue, for the first time EVER on Home Video, "Fernwood 2-Night: The Complete Series," showcasing all 130 half-hour episodes of the cult hit '70s sitcom "Fernwood 2-Night" 100% Complete, 100% Uncut, AND 100% Unedited, just the way that they originally aired on the Syndicated Television Network (First-Run Syndication).

Created by Norman Lear, "Fernwood 2-Night" was a satirical sitcom spoof of late-night talk shows that spun off from the satirical sitcom soap opera parody "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman" (the Complete Series library of which is already out on DVD).

On "MH2," Martin Mull appeared as Garth Gimble, a wife beater who killed himself on an aluminum Christmas tree in the closet; on "F2N," Martin appeared as Garth's identical twin, Barth Gimble, the host of a fictional local late-night talk show titled "Fernwood 2-Night," where he was joined by buffoonery sidekick/announcer Jerry Hubbard (Fred Willard) and fictional bandleader Happy Kyne (Frank DeVol) and the Mirthmakers.

As a 1977 Summer Replacement for 'MH2" (in its 2nd season renamed "Forever Fernwood" in September 1977 after Louise Lasser's departure from the show), the ratings for the show were, at best, Marginal; however, in April 1978, after retiring "Forever Fernwood/MH2," Norman Lear brought "Fernwood 2-Night" back on the air for a 2nd season, changing the setting from the fictional town of Alta Coma, California and renaming the series "America 2-Night," with the show-within-a-show airing on the fictional UBS Television Network, while the real show continued in first-run Syndication; after voluntarily calling it a night with "Fernwood 2-Night," Norman Lear decided to, in the Series Finale telecast, have Martin Mull and Fred Willard appear as both themselves AND their "F2N" characters Barth Gimble and Jerry Hubbard.

Reruns of "Fernwood 2-Night" aired on Nickelodeon from April 2, 1990 - April 2, 1993, after which the reruns were seen on sister network TV Land in 2002.

Tentatively, SHOUT! Factory shall issue all 130 episodes of "Fernwood 2-Night" for the first time ever on DVD on June 4, 2019 at a cost of only $29.99 wherever DVDs are sold.

Steve Arino
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