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Originally Posted by Pegbars View Post
I've often wondered where the location of the real barn with the painted title on the roof was, specifically. If the location is known, it's possible to go back and find vintage aerial photos and see it from the air. I found the Jupiter 2 spaceship mock up (from Lost in Space) in old aerial photos of the 20th Century-Fox lot from the 60s. If the GA barn wasn't too far out of town, it's possible it shows up in some of these old survey photos.
I've searched several times using but I have yet to find the barn itself. All the opening scenes were shot in Thousand Oaks, CA back when it was actual countryside. Unfortunately there aren't any specific coordinates and it's a massive area to search. And most of the structures were demolished I believe in the '80s.

I think the only remaining structure from the opening is Newt's farmhouse (the first one you see) near Paso Robles.

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