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Originally Posted by SDR-1970
I have purchased a few episodes of UM from amazon, and downloaded them on my android device. Even if one day amazon due to "limited licence" issues remove UM Robert Stack episodes from amazon prime, as long as I have them download onto my device, they amazon can't automatically remove digital content from one's device?
Your question is one that is probably best answered by Amazon. However, common sense would make one believe that since you've purchased the episode, you would get to keep the episode in the event the Stack UM episodes are taken off of streaming. It's kind of like buying a DVD. You bought the DVD, it's in your video library and later the DVD goes out of print. You are still allowed to keep the DVD you've purchased, right?

At least I really hope that's the case. My husband and I are in the process of converting our excessive DVD collection into digital movies, as the digital content takes up no room whatsoever in the living room....
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