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Default Apple TV+'s much-hyped launch feels like it happened a long time ago

"Remember Apple TV+?" says Judy Berman. "You know—the subscription streaming service that spent months hyping The Morning Show, its just-OK drama starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell, only to see that flagship program outperformed by its flamboyantly weird, anachronistic comedy about Emily Dickinson? The service that spent $15-$17 million per episode on a show whose first few episodes consisted mostly of Jason Momoa stomping through the (admittedly beautiful) wilderness? The service that launched way back at the beginning of November, before we all got distracted by the impeachment hearings, the umpteenth Democratic debate and, most of all, the arrival of Disney+ less than two weeks later, with its big new Star Wars show and its archive of the most popular animated, superhero and sci-fi movies of the past several decades? OK, yes, I’m being a little hyperbolic about our ever-shrinking collective memory. But to anyone who spends less time immersed in the art and business of television than, say, a TV critic, the Apple TV+ news cycle must have seemed remarkably short."
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