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Originally Posted by Hot Jock
It's funny that you mention this since I am in the process of listening to them right now. In fact, I just finished Part 3 last night and plan to listen to Part 4 either tonight or tomorrow. It's been absolutely fantastic thus far and is the most comprehensive look at this case I've ever seen or heard. I've heard several details already that I'd never been aware of and I have studied this case quite thoroughly. Highly recommended.
I am normally not fan of podcasts as I tend to zone out or do other things and miss out on a lot of stuff, but this was really caught my attention. I never knew that one of the detectives actually saw a guy on patrol that looked very suspicious and out of place, but they never questioned him because of a court warrant pending on another suspect and a junior officer in the car. Insane! Imagine if it really was the EAR.. So many lives would have been spared. I just finished listening to the first part. Terrifying stuff.
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