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Originally Posted by Sal View Post
I'll add it to my list for you even though it's US-only and I can't get it. This week, they added another title and I'll have it further down the page along with other news about upcoming releases and more titles that you are sure to fall in love with since, after all, today is Valentine's Day.

The big news is from CTV Throwback which has been a little disappointing with its shows recently but in the next month they will look to make it up with the following series:

This week, they continue with their monthly habit of rotating different seasons of Baywatch, giving us the first (Season 1) and last (Season 9) seasons of the hit series. Season 1 ran on NBC before they foolishly cancelled it and it was picked up in syndication where it ran for 8 more successful years. CTV will have Seasons 2 and 3 beginning on March 10th.

Also new from CTV Throwback is The Partridge Family - 2200 AD , the cartoon sequel based on the classic series from the 1970s (which is also on CTV Throwback) where the family ends up in space, with the cast providing their own voices. The cartoon can also be found on the "Partridge Family" DVD sets, where they have a couple of episodes available as bonus features. CTV has the entire series, all 15 episodes from 1974.

Next Thursday, CTV Throwback will offer a couple more 1970s shows: All's Fair and Family, both from 1976. Full details still to come!

In March, they will go even farther back, to the 1960s, where they will present a sitcom that, believe it or not, was first seen in black and white! On Thursday March 5th, CTV Throwback will present "Hazel" (1961-66) starring Shirley Booth as a funny live-in maid. The long-running series is not currently available for streaming in the US, although you can still watch it on Antenna TV, so CTV is getting a real scoop here. Not only that, on the same day, they will be offering a short-lived series that is still popular with fans today despite its limited run. It's "That's My Mama" starring Clifton Davis and Ted Lange, just before he found fame on "The Love Boat". I'm not particularly fond of either series, considering them both to be slightly above terrible, but I'll watch anyway whenever I can find the time. News about this and other new releases can be found in this press release which was released yesterday:

CTV Throwback - March 2020

Here are the rest of this week's new releases from other free streaming sites which will also include IMDB TV:

Feb. 7 - Internet Archive - Columbo

Feb. 8 - Tubi (US) - Highlander

Feb. 10 - Vudu - The Real McCoys - Seasons 1-3

Feb. 12 - Tubi (US) - Highway To Heaven (S1-5)

IMDB TV - My So-Called Life (Season 1)

Now wasn't that worth waiting for?
Thank you for adding that. It's a shame that you can't get IMDB TV though.
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