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Originally Posted by Kane View Post
Well, I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but if you really think that UM doesn't need to be on television, then you're in the minority. And if you think that broadcast networks are only watched by "old farts," then you have been brainwashed into believing it. That being said, I do feel that UM doesn't have a chance of coming back to primetime television. I feel that If it were to come back as a first-run series on television, it would have to be through either syndication or cable (the former of which would be a better option IMHO).
I agree with everything you've said, Kane.

People need to keep in mind that UM is not a sitcom or a work of fiction. It makes logical sense that it be aired on a broadcast network just like it was back in its glory days in order to gain more exposure to help solve cases. Especially if these cases are going to be new. Broadcast TV is free; Netflix isn't (unless it's included free as part of your cellular or cable subscription). Free means more viewers. It's just common sense.
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