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Cold Case Soundtrack: “The Park”

“’Torch’—Danny—wanted me to drive his car during the night. ‘They should eventually hit S Front St. There’s an alley near the I-95 interchange. Once they hit that, I want you to follow them until they hit the Ben Franklin. That’s where it should go down,’ Torch explained.

“’I get it, but remind me again why I have to use your bucket instead of my ride?’ I asked.

“’Because if the shooter gets any doubts, I want them to know that I’m watching them. I don’t know if that’s your gun or not—‘

“’It’s not,’ I told him.

“’Whatever, it will help us tonight. After this, I’ll finally know who I can trust around here,’ Danny responded.

“’Are you talking about ‘Mach 3’ or me?’ I asked.

“’We threw your ass back out on the street, and yet you were to come back. No, right now, I don’t trust you. Make sure that this goes down, and you’ll be a full blown partner too,’ Danny informed. I shook his hand, reluctantly accepting his terms. Like I said, I didn’t know if Chuck had turned either.”
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