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Originally Posted by studd911
I still say that CBS will have problems if not from the original airing is included again if it turns out like season 2 then to me there wouldn't be any more reason to continue the series wherefore again it comes back to what the fans wants and I give Todd Fuller and his partner Pavan credit because breaking down the review on this website shows whats good and whats bad and if CBS took this long to put season 5 out then they owe us for we do not owe them and whatever they edited out will hurt the series where nobody is going to buy it and you better see the reviews on amazon because people are not having it and I pray and hope that CBS will allow companies like shout factory or mills creek to present the series the way it should be and in fairness you want to put something out there that's going to sell and not the lack of profit because nobody would want to get it which is a reality
I know it may take a few years but I think CBS/Paramount will finish the entire series on DVD (then they'll likely piss us off with complete editions every other year).

Selling the series to Shout or Mill Creek was the easiest thing to do but since CBS/Paramount didn't do that after all these years I think its a safe bet that the series on DVD will remain their own property and they'll continue to release seasons. Most likely edited and with their own blend of making people wait a very long time for them.

Tbh I really don't mind if the seasons are edited. I was born in 1983, so never watched the original run of the series and even on Australian TV the episodes are edited going by the episode times Colonel Hogan has posted. So I couldn't spot the difference if an episode is edited or not.
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