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Originally Posted by studd911
Again if HD5 IS missing all of the music then CBS has two choices either stop making the dvd sets or allow either shout Factory or Milles Creek to licences the dvds for them like they did with Webster because if you want something done you have to do it yourself and CBS will be pissing off a whole lot of fans
I don't think it will be missing all of its music. That's not what I said. Seasons 3 and 4 had a surprising amount of music intact. However, those Season 5 episodes I mentioned have a lot of music to license and I don't see it happening, especially when you consider how long it's been since the Season 4 release. They'll be looking to keep this set at a low cost. The long gap since the Season 4 release is supposedly due to music and low sales of Happy Days on DVD. Also, Seasons 3 and 4 contained some badly edited episodes. Considering how many Happy Days episodes clock in at 25:3x, which is what a show from that era should clock in at, when you see times like 25:0x and 24:xx, you can bet they're edited. Look back at some of the review threads here. It boggles the mind at some of the little trims from episodes like "The Motorcycle", "A Date with Fonzie", "Fonzie's New Friend", "The 2nd Anniversary Show", "The Third Anniversary Show", and "Fonzie Loves Pinky Parts 1 and 2", to name a few.

Some may disagree, but for me, when I see episodes under roughly 25:17 or so, I feel there are edits.

I'm not getting my hopes up. I've been disappointed with the DVD sets of Seasons 2-4 due to all the edits and the terrible music replacement on Season 2. I'll await the review here before I buy this time. The guys here do a great job at putting episode running times in their reviews and giving detailed lists of music in each episode. That's greatly appreciated, by the way.

I really want all the Ron Howard seasons, even though Season 5 is where the over-the-top episodes really began. There were still some good episodes here and there during seasons 5-7, just far fewer than Seasons 1-4. Even when the episodes got out of hand, the show had great characters that kept me watching, even if the stories started going south.

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