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Originally posted by FonzForever
Dear Fatal Attraction,
Your attempt to get The Fonz over to Arnold's for a date is not cool. I have my friends under constant watch so I always know they're in trouble.
Sorry, but The Fonz is NOT interested.
I hear Webber isn't dating anyone, you should give him a call.
Dear Fonzie,
Help! I'm in the stall in Arnold's! You've let some crazy high school kid loose and now she's trying to break down the stall to get to me! Can you answer my letter first? I don't like waiting in line when I'm in a life threatening situation. Help! She's got an axe!

<marquee>I love you, Potsie Webber</marquee>
"H14...My favorite letter, my favorite number"
<center>They Call it Potsie Love</center>
<center>Warren "Potsie" Webber</center>
To me, Fonzie is what everyone wants to be, Richie is kind of what everyone wants her son to be. And Potsie, I think, is what everyone is
- Anson Williams
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