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Default might be a bad date

Asks if you want a pinch of her chewing tobacco
2 He asked you about your favorite spermicide when you set the date
3 He keeps telling your dad about how he reminds him of his parole officer
4 He shows up with tequila and a box of condoms on the front seat of his car.
5 Honks from driveway for you to come get in his El Camino
6 Picks you up in a limo, but there's a hooker and a video camera in the back.
7 She offers sex before dinner
8 She's chewing that huge wad of gum - with her one good tooth.
9 He pays the restaurant bill in $1 bills
10 When asked if she wants a doggie bag, she says sure that'll be 50 bucks
11 Army Boots
12 Brings out the fancy sporks for that candlelit dinner
13 He takes you a restuarant that doubles as a strip club
14 Her green nail polish clashes with her blue hair
15 Scars from her sex change surgery
16 She has two brothers named Bubba and Cooder.
17 She looks sorta like Larry the Cable Guy but only with long hair
18 The dirt road leading down to her house is greater than two miles.
19 Instead of a Restaurant, he takes you to Burger King.
20 She has a price list
21 - Wears a Keepers T-Shirt
22 - He wears his wedding ring even when trying to meet girls
23 - Bra is 2 hubcaps
24 - Mattress strapped to her back
25 - She spends the entire dinner discussing her female health problems and Nascar
26 - Bathes Infrequently
27 - Her nickname is "Yeti"
28 - She does object to you taking her to a bar for her date
29 - The Saran wrap dress

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