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Originally Posted by LaBestia View Post
How about Forum King for our male members and Forum Queen for female members when they reach the top posts? Other titles I thought up are Forum Superstar and Forum Cub for first time posters because after all when you work in journalism they often refer to novice reporters and journalists as cubs and these would be awesome titles
We recently added Forum Superstar for 20,000 posts.

I like Forum Cub for 2-4 posts.

Forum King would be good for our top male poster. I'm not sure how our top female poster feels about Forum Queen. She wanted to remain a Forum Idol.

Thank you Bestie for the great suggestions.


User Rank Minimum Posts Display Type Stack Rank Controls
Registered 0 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
First Time Poster 1 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum Cub 2 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Occasional Poster 5 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Frequent Poster 100 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum Regular 500 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Senior Member 1,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum 3K Club Member 3,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum 4K Club Member 4,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum Veteran 5,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum Fanatic 10,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum Star 15,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum Superstar 20,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum Celebrity 25,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum Legend 35,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum Icon 50,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum Addict 65,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum Junkie 80,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum Idol 100,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum King 130,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum Hall of Famer 150,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]
Forum Bertinelli 200,000 Always Yes [Edit] [Delete]

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